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We bring industry 4.0 in your business

How fit are you and your company for the competition?

  1. Present or past? Industry 3.0 – The digitization of production was yesterday, yesterday to be exact. Is my company in today?
  2. The devices and processes are so long been able to provide data on the status and characteristics digitally available to external systems. If this actually used?
  3. A flood of data – called BIG DATA, was triggered. But where do this data flow through?Where are these data accurately today?
  4. Is this data already in my factory but until now I still do not know that?
  5. What information have run into this information and can I convert them into readable information?
  6. How detailed, time currently is the information? Can I electronically capture this already?
  7. What are these information effectively worth and how can I use it profitable for my business?
  8. Standing still is a step backwards. Uses my product industry this information already?
  9. Can I make my self-produced products cheaper if I use this information?
  10. Can I increase the yield of my sites in Germany, Europe, overseas and the Far East through improvements in the value chain of my product?

Future or present? Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution: an intelligent factory (Smart Factory) produced by controlled flow of information into a uniform network versatile and resource-efficient.

Within the entire value chain of a production, competitiveness by means of innovative industrial software and solutions for resource efficiency increases and increased profitability.

You had to answer more than one question with “no”?

We also have a solution, because we offer individual training seminars.