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Introduction MES and After-Sales-ServiceValue chain optimization

What challenges had to be solved and what concrete benefits did we get?

In the fast-moving market production companies have to be more and more productive while spending less time in order to survive.
More power can be related to an increased output, higher environmental standards, lower power consumptions, higher quality, etc. For these requirements, a simple and straightforward solution has to be created. SDI Innovation developed a solution in form of a turnkey service package for connecting and supporting smart software Solutions (MES systems). This way production companies have the opportunity to convert their production without large capital outlay to a Smart Factory.

How can we describe the industry 4.0 solution?

Production companies often do not have the time, the personnel resources or the knowhow to equip their production independently with a smart software solution.

The market for MES systems currently offers a diverse and wide range of possibilities, which complicate a decision additionally. SDI Innovation collaborates with a network of various MES manufacturers and tests individual systems on their strengths and weaknesses. Not every system adapts to each customer. SDI Innovation finds a suitable solution for every customer and offers these in combination with a connection of the software to machines of any kind.

What is the implementation in practice?

In a first workshop is determined on which state the customer is currently and where we can pick him up. It follows a first machine connection of individual pilot machines. The software shows only the basic production functions such as, ready or stillstand.

This information can be checked independently via a terminal or computer. Alternative the customer can receive an email with a clear chart view of the machine information.

The next step is a precise determination of the disturbance reasons. The customer has step by step the possibility to find out what data are important for him. We show him suggestions from which he can choose. We call this first phase of getting to know a new system pilot phase.

It runs over a period of four months. During this period the customer rents a total package within which he reveals all the possibilities of modern data acquisition. After the pilot phase, the customer can decide whether he wants to continue to rent the whole package or whether he wants to buy it.

Depending on the customer, he can overtake the evaluation of the received information by his own or revert to the After-Sales-Support of SDI Innovation. Just like our customers, the project processes differ. Every customer is individual, has different needs and faces different challenges. For us it is important to have a solution that achieves the goal of the customer at the end. Our focus is not on the connection of a particular software, but on the supply of a turnkey solution.

What challenges had to be solved and what concrete benefits did we get?

Example scenario: A new production site is created

Partially new machines are purchased and partially existing machines are used. The result is a mix of machines of different ages. These machines are operated by new employees at the new location. Despite good technical and organizational conditions the planned targets were not achieved. The first step is to identify the real problem and the reason for the situation by measurements of machine data.

Using an overall similar data base provides a more integrated perspective on the situation from the outside. This leads to a faster and more accurate solution.

How can we describe the industry 4.0 solution?

SDI Innovation assumes in this case, the strategic communication between the various departments.

We consider the value chain from different perspectives while using modern management systems (e.g. Lean Six Sigma) for a process improvement.

Our value chain managers and process specialists (Black Belts) describe, measure, analyze, improve and supervise business processes by using live data. The full-time improvement experts work as consultants, coaches and trainers purposefully with customers.

First successes can already be noticed in a very short time proved by numbers.