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13. June 2016

Currently provides SDI Innovation as a service provider for manufacturing companies systems and services for the industry, which in daily After Sales Service your manufacturing processes and equipment increases efficiency, shorter ROIs return on Invest reached and increases your factory revenue.

1st Industrial Revolution
Mechanization with water and steam power
2nd Industrial Revolution
Production lines and electrical energy, mass production
3rd Industrial Revolution
With electronics and IT digitization of production took place
4th Industrial Revolution
Intelligent factory(Smart Factory)

Smart Factory
With use of the German high-tech strategy, the digital factory is characterized by a small number of human intervention and organized largely self. Using a targeted flow of information, into a uniform network, you produce versatile and resource efficient.

With SME initiative Smart Factory, a current project of SDI Innovation,
the competitiveness and profitability increased within the entire value chain of production through innovative industrial software and solutions for resource efficiency.

Save energy
New legal requirements, rising energy costs and the environmental awareness of consumers,cause the manufacturing sector energy consumption to reduce or optimize targeted. The continuous measurement is the basis for the identification of factors and vulnerabilities, in order to avoid peak loads and purposefully to reduce energy consumption steadily.

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