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13. June 2016

According to statistics from the production area an industrial manager, production manager or maintenance manager makes 120 decisions in every shift.
We at SDI have asked ourselves, within pilot projects of the SME initiative SmartFactory if those decisions could be made by a automatism.
Could an automatic system effectively support the decision maker in his decision?
How intelligent has this software to be to create relief in the form of an autopilot
What, if our technology can relieve producing us any time perfectly supported?
With the key technology industry 4.0 towards a stress-free production and an increase of efficiency and safety, the system applies in fractions of a second the right decision.
The latest industry 4.0 software is the way in which we produce, to fundamentally change and improve.
The results that have been achieved here in the Smart Factory projects were impressive. See for yourself on the spot even it! Convince yourself of it live on site

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